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Only God could have orchestrated this.  Because of the pandemic, remote working, meetings, and learning have been normalized.  The technology was always there to do this (Zoom, FB, Skype, Teams, Facetime, etc.) but the pandemic forced a global exercise in online communication that has become a new and accepted way of relating and getting things done.  Included in this new norm is gospel work.  A fresh platform for church planting and ministry has been birthed, allowing the church even greater reach and penetration to the ends of the earth.  Nothing can ever replace face-to-face interaction - the gold standard - but can remote ministry mimic a silver standard?  

We are excited to test the concept of ePLANTS
(TM) where it makes sense and where churches can be launched, in part through online technologies or in combination with in-person meetings.  Particularly in closed countries, or in finance-constrained situations, remote ministry provides a new kind of bootstrapping opportunity. 

ePLANTS represent a group of people gathering in locations like homes, dorms, studios, apartments, conference rooms, businesses to form a viewing pod; i.e. bringing together a community of friends that are united to follow Jesus.   Each POD is lead by a POD captain or facilitator-organizer.  The teaching video is provided by the planting pastor.

Viewing pods in effect represent mini multi-sites that can dot a city.  To replicate the community experience of church, the POD groups are crucial so people don't get lazy defaulting to a solo watching experience.  The POD service comes with community and relationship building features.  

If you are interested in ePLANTING, then we can provide a runway using our 611 and A11 frameworks in a hybrid or remote format.  Contact us and let's see what God can do!  


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