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Never has content been so distributable.  Thanks to technology, there are many ways to deliver content (podcasts, video-casts, blogs, websites, books, e-publishing, self-publishing, academic platforms, training platforms, social media, and more).  It is also because of technology that we were able to hack the Covid pandemic.  Thank you Zoom. Technology is putting tools in the hands of church planters in ways not even available 10-15 years ago.  

In 2005 Pulitzer Prize winner and NYT columnist Thomas Friedman popularized the phrase "the world is flat" in speaking of how globalization was making the world more accessible than ever before (1).  Now fifteen plus years later (2021), the world is even more flat, pancake thin and ever decreasing in its thinness like an iPad or iPhone.  This means the opportunity to impact global cities with the gospel is more real than ever. Of the ten global "flatteners"  Friedman cites, "#4 -Uploading" (2), is the crucial element for making church planting efforts more distributable and transferrable. 

We provide a starter kit of materials that you can download from our password protected site.  We do not post this material to YouTube, Vimeo, or other sites.   We provide these material in the context of relationships we can build, so you understand the heart and vision of what goes into them, and the spirit and conviction behind them.   This material allows you to begin your church planting efforts with Small Church Uprising (TM) teaching videos, discussion questions, and worship clips.  It acts as a seed in the ground as you begin your planting efforts. 

Training, equipping, disseminating, and starting has never been easier. 


(1) Friedman, The World is Flat, 2005.

(2) Friedman, The World is Flat, Updated and Expanded, 2007.

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Organizational leadership text.
Available at Amazon or Taylor & Francis.

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Church planting text.
Available at Amazon or Taylor & Francis.

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