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* Apart from me you can do nothing (Jn 15:5). 
* Prayer is about continuously abiding in the vine (Jn 15:4). 
* Intercession is the boiler room, the war room, the living room, the emergency room, and the throne
        room of the church. 
* Prayer is indispensable.
* Prayer must sit at the top of org. chart.  It was for Jesus. It was for the Apostles.  It must be for us. 
* The Sr. Pastor and Planter must be the Chief Abider. 
* Prayer must be built into Planter's/Sr. Pastor's ministry schedule and the schedule of the church.
* Church planting and church life must be sustained through continuous intercession.


1. Gazing - getting refreshed by who Jesus is - 2 Cor. 3:18
2. Waiting - getting counsel from the Lord - Jer. 23:22
3. Worship - to fear Him is to get recharged by Him - Mal. 4:2
4. Dwelling - perpetual enjoyment of Jesus -  Ps. 27:4
5. Ministering to the Lord - giving God His due at all times - Acts 13:2
6. Spiritual covering - governmental - Acts 6:4
     The apostles were the chief prayer warriors in the church. They mirrored what Jesus modelled to
     them.  This is how Jesus and the Apostles planted the church.

           a. Sr. leader must lead main congregational prayer meeting each week.
           b. Sr. leader must lead elders in prayer.
           c. Sr. leader must lead staff in prayer.

7. Prophetic - seeing and assessing situations like Elisha. (2 Kin. 6:16-17)
8. Persisting - praying through like Elijah. (1 Ki. 18:42-44)

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